Mr. Twister

Смерть в Лондоне

Daily Mail -- After leaving Mr Malde's flat near Liverpool Street station, the stockbroker went to lavish restaurant Coq d'Argent near the Bank of England. He paid in cash for a glass of champagne.

Still holding the glass, he walked to the roof terrace, climbed over a railing and jumped 80ft to his death.

Friends of Mr Malde, many of whom had been invited to two parties to celebrate his birthday today, were mystified why a man with so much to live for should take his own life. But it emerged that two days before the tragedy, he had been told to 'leave his desk' at Deutsche Bank, where he had worked for the past four years - the first setback he had ever suffered. Although he had been neither sacked nor suspended, he was said to be at the centre of an inquiry relating to an IT issue thought to be linked to the use of his work computer.

It was also claimed that the bank barred access to his Bloomberg account which would have left him unable to monitor the markets as he worked on hedge funds.
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It's not appropriate to LOL on such occasions, but... "Style meant everything to him and that's how he chose his exit." - LOL! (Sorry. I tried. Oh gawd.)
Одним поцом меньше. Сейчас я зарыдаю.
Не знаю... ничего красивого в том, чтобы портить людям ужин, нет.
Именно. Причем этот способ доставляет и другим неудобства, и себе мучения (пока летишь вниз, десять раз успеешь испугаться и пожалеть, что прыгнул).
Вам бы только поесть! Тут хоть харакири соверши -- никакой реакции!