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NATO: Best of both worlds

Bloomberg -- NATO ended a 10-month freeze on top-level contacts with the Kremlin by holding a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in June in Greece. NATO and Russia can cooperate over Afghanistan, counter-piracy and counter-terrorism, Rasmussen said. Борьбу с детской порнографией забыл.

Под рубрикой change and hope: “I’m not in favor of setting timelines,” Rasmussen told a press conference at North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters in Brussels today. “Let no Taliban propagandist try to sell my message as a run for the exits. It is not. We will support the Afghan people for as long as it takes.” Даже сто лет? Надо было Маккейна выбирать, гггг.
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Ну разумеется, надо было Маккейна выбрать.
В керосинке был такой факультет, ГГГиГ: Газонефтяная геология, геохимия и геофизика.