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Мир, дружба, жвачка (отравленная шпионами)

Вид с этой стороны: [a]ccording to the article, when World War II hit, there was a shortage of the ingredients necessary to produce enough gum for both the soldiers and the gum chewers back at home. The big wigs at Wrigley had heard that soldiers relied on the gum (namely Doublemint and Juicy Fruit) to prevent dry mouth and so they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly. Okay, no, not that - they sent all their gum over to the soldiers and began running ads about how Americans awesomely sacrificed their gum for the boys overseas in the name of democracy. And you know what? It worked; Wrigley "emerged stronger than ever."

Now, part of the reason we find this story interesting is that we have a Korean mother who still chews Juicy Fruit gum. When asked why Juicy Fruit when there are tons of different gums now available... we learned that the U.S. soldiers in Korea during the Korean War would give gum to the children. What kind? You guessed it: Wrigley's Juicy Fruit. And she remembers that gum and it tasted like sweet, sweet democracy. So, Wrigley, if you're listening?

IT WORKED. It totally worked -- заливается слезами умиления блог Чикагоист.
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