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О, наконец кто-то просёк

The trouble with private schools: This is the hard part about education, whether one supports traditional public schooling, charter schools, or vouchers. Parents want their children to be surrounded by the best students (да нет, не особенно, если можно никакими), and parents with sufficient resources will go to great lengths to make sure that this happens. But poorer students likely benefit from being around better students—provided that there aren't so many poor students to throw a school into a bad school equilbrium. It's very difficult to see how to square those two things.

The above arguments would suggest that rather than enjoy the tax benefits of charities, private schools should pay a higher than normal rate, so as to encourage good students to enroll in public schools, thereby pushing those schools toward the good school equilibrium.
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Perhaps your would-be classmates in the public system wouldn't have become doctors/lawyers/teachers/Economist bloggers because of your presence, but there's a strong likelihood that they'd have achieved more in life had they had the opportunity to give your younger self a wedgie every other day.


"And as best one can tell, their main impact on the common weal is negative, drawing parents with resources and social capital out of the public school system and contributing to its neglect."

Как в том анекдоте: хорошо, хорошо, хорошо, что не у меня. Как Вы там среди этих робин-гудов живете? В позднем совке хоть хорошие школы были под защитой государства, а тут полный ппц.