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NYT -- Some American school districts have turned increasingly to overseas recruiting to find teachers willing to work in their hard-to-staff schools, according to a new report by a national teachers union:

The union published the report in the hope it would lead to heightened regulation, it said. The report cited the prosecution of several recruiting companies and three Texas school administrators on charges related to smuggling immigrants and visa fraud and other cases as examples of the dangers that can accompany the foreign recruiting of teachers.

The Dangers
  • Alien Smuggling and Visa Fraud
  • Indentured Servitude
  • Indefinite At-Will Status
  • Teacher as Temp
  • Unequal Benefits
  • Culture Shock
  • Communication Barriers
  • Company Housing
Бонус для tandem_bike. Comparison to health sector: it should be recalled that nurse migration to the U.S. began as a small and seemingly innocuous trend in the 1950s. In 2002, one in three nurses hired in the U.S. was foreign educated. Such trends in the health sector may foretell what is to come in education without thoughtful intervention. Now is the time to consider how the system of international teacher migration should be regulated to ensure fairness and quality education worldwide.
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