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Новый подержанный гобой пришел из Квебека! Сыну навырост, а мне на сейчас: будем играть вдвоём. Уже сегодня играли. Вдвоём-то веселее идет. Называется RIEC: Rigoutat Ecole. Student oboe. Они издеваются. Это как сказать, что трехметровый Стейнвей профессиональный, а двухметровый - ученический. Да я на нем всю жизнь буду играть и помру счастливым человеком. Про половину механизма даже не знаю, зачем она нужна. Третий октавник! Ну ладно, из названия ясно. Сдвоенное кольцо на ре! Понятия не имею.

Объясняет Филипп Ригута: First of all, we make them the same way as the professional instruments. Second, we aren't intending to make an instrument that is easy to play. It's entirely possible that our professional model oboes are easier to play than the RIEC oboes! The reason for this is that when you are studying the oboe, you have time to practice, to think, and to work! A professional player has to play every night in a big hall with a conductor who, of course, is the very best friend of the musician! So, the student is in an entirely different situation. The student must learn to control the instrument, to make excellent reeds. It isn't possible to learn the things you must learn with a very easy-to-blow oboe; it's just impossible. So, giving someone an instrument like that isn't any kind of gift. The better gift is an instrument like the RIEC. Yes, it's a bit more difficult to play a RIEC, but then when someone becomes a professional player, they have the right habits, and they are prepared for it. They can still scramble when they don't have a reed, but they can handle it. In order to be a successful oboe player, you need to have a lot of experience. And the best time to make your experiments, to be lost, and to suffer is when you are a student. You certainly can't do it as a professional! The RIEC has a lot of sound, lots of color, it has flexibility, but it always has some resistance. You can't learn control of the oboe without some resistance. So, in order to sound good on a RIEC, you have to work! It isn't making any gift to you but , on the other hand, you will get out of it exactly what you put into it. So, if you can make the effort, you really get something from it.
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навернго, поздравляю в новой заманушкой
дубьл два
наверно, поздравляю с новой заманушкой
Не дом, а музыкальная шкатулка. Поздравляю!
А почему пустые углубления в коробке? Потому, что без боевых частей? :)

Поздравляю. Интересно, когда у меня будет двухметровый "Стейнвейн"...
Теперь надо на eBay искать недостающие детали. Развлечение на года :))