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Коляска Расемон

Эти коляски теперь повсюду, в каждом поезде и на каждой станции! But as union officials questioned Ozonwu's account, a witness stepped forward to say that she saw the train operator place a stroller in her cab and then later dump it out at another station. Nursing student Lauren Mardirosian said she saw the operator with a stroller at the Granville stop around the time that union officials said the driver was notified that a person was caught in the train's doors. She said she saw the operator dump it at another stop, perhaps Thorndale, which is the next station on the Red Line.

The operator told her union representatives that she saw about four kids ages 10 to 14 playing with a stroller while she inspected the train's eight cars at the Granville stop. She made them leave the train but said she did not keep the stroller because she did not know at the time that one had been reported caught in the train's doors, Kelly said.

A stroller was turned in at the Berwyn stop, two stops south of where the witness said the driver dumped it.
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