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CHICAGO TRIBUNE - Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says alcoholic energy drink manufacturers need to prove their caffeine-laced concoctions are safe.

The Chicago Democrat is weighing in after the Federal Drug Administration asked 30 manufacturers on Friday to prove their safety.

The FDA said it has not approved caffeine for use in alcoholic beverages.
in other news, candy manufacturers need to prove their sugar-laced concoctions are safe. they have 30 days to do it, too.
oh, and hamburger manufacturers? also need to prove their meat-laced concoctions are safe. and yep, they have 30 days to do it, too.
and so it begins...
Что такое alcoholic energy drink? Red Bull с водкой?
Такое продают уже в готовом виде, а не смешивают в баре? А где можно купить? :))
alcohol + caffeine drinks. apparently, there are many varieties sold.

personally, I just add scotch to my black tea or coffee. Hmmm... the Balvenie works especially nice!
"Madigan said she worries the drinks are dangerous for young people."

Новый лозунг ее оппонента на следующих выборах: "Мэдиган не заботится о престарелых людях!"

Кстати, Madigan вроде ирландская фамилия - наверняка ее отец попивал Irish Coffee после ужина. Жаль в их семье не было традиции здравого смысла.