birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Хорошая новость, если правда

Chicagoist -- Recently, The Associated Press learned about a secret change in policy by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn's prison system that has repeat drunk drivers, drug users, and people convicted of battery and weapons violations serving less than three weeks' time behind bars. Records analyzed by the AP show that 850 inmates since September have been released weeks earlier than they ordinarily would be in a new practice called "MGT Push," or "meritorious good time." It turns out the prison system is saving money by ignoring a policy that requires inmates to serve at least 61 days and is instead awarding them discretionary good-conduct credit as soon as they enter prison, which means some prisoners have enough good-conduct days to be released almost immediately.

Все делается в глубокой тайне от тюрьмолюбивого американского народа. В результате журналистских расследований, наверное, придётся вернуть всех на нары.
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