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TOP -- Tullett Prebon Plc, the inter-dealer broker led by Terry Smith, said it will help employees to leave the U.K. following the government’s decision to put a 50 percent tax on bankers’ bonuses.

The London-based firm “will seek to facilitate, where possible and appropriate, relocation to the company’s other offices around the world which have more certain taxation regimes,” Tullett said in an e-mailed statement. The firm employs about 700 brokers in London and has offices in New Jersey, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.
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Actually, where I read it, it was specifically said about top executives.
I guess the ones that can fly corporate jets to weekend with families :)
Проблема не в том, чтобы прилететь домой на выходные, а в том, что далеко не все согласны общаться с семьями только 1.5 дня в неделю.
Так тут все доборвольно - или от налогов убегать, или с семьей общаться.