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В Лондоне

Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) -- London Mayor Boris Johnson said that as many as 9,000 bankers may leave the U.K. capital’s financial district as a result of a 50 percent tax on bonuses announced last month.

“Such ill-thought out plans come at a time when there is light at the end of the recessionary tunnel and London is excellently placed to compete and prosper in the global market place,” Johnson said. “That prosperity will be threatened and the whole U.K. economy will suffer if our financial sector is denied a stable tax and regulatory regime.”

One “major global bank” has told the mayor’s office that 1,600 workers have asked for help in moving away from the U.K., while another company plans to relocate as many as 800 staff members in the next three months, according to the statement
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Ну-ну... А куда переезжают, не сказали? Построили остров в океане?
Хм... тоже неплохо. По крайней мере понятно, где на санках кататься :))