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Mэр Дели ведет нас к независимости

Верховный суд города Вашингтона вот-вот отменит запрет пистолетов в городе Чикаго. Комментирует мэр Чикаго:
Why can’t I go to the Supreme Court and sit there with a gun and listen to the arguments? If a gun is so important to us on the street or someone’s home, why can’t I go to the Supreme Court and sit there with a gun? I’m not gonna shoot anyone. But, I have a right to that gun,” Daley said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Why can’t I go see my congressman who doesn’t believe in gun laws? Why can’t I carry my gun into congressmen’s offices or go to his home and knock on his door and say, ‘Don’t be worried. I have a gun. You want me to have a gun.’ Why is it they want to be protected by all the federal money ... to protect all the federal bureaucrats, but when it comes to us in the city” there’s no protection?
Что лучше, с пистолетами и федеральным правительством, или без того и другого?
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