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Архитектура и зодчество

Randal O'Toole: A Libertarian View Of Urban Sprawl.

Тут говорится, что американские города выглядят так, как они выглядят, не из-за зонирования, а потому, что людям спонтанно нравится такое строить. Зонирование добавляется уже задним числом, чтобы наверняка сохранить прекрасное построенное.

And if you don’t believe that, take a look at Wendell Cox’s rental car tours of European (and other) cities. Few would argue that Europe has forced people to sprawl, yet Cox shows that European cities are rapidly spreading out with low-density developments that (as Peter Hall says on page 873 of his massive tome, Cities in Civilization) are “almost indistinguishable from [their] counterparts in California and Texas.” (In a more recent article, Cox also refutes the completely undocumented claim that Americans are deserting the suburbs to move back to central cities.)

This subdivision is in Germany
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