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Американская простота

В конгрессах и президентских обращениях звучат очень громкие слова, но масштаб явления лучше виден, когда вдруг прорывается в местной прессе в статьях про дорожные работы.

Chicago Gazette -- Concerns raised at the meeting ranged from whether residents would have to put up with noisy round-the-clock work to whether the job would be done with what one resident called “cheap Chinese steel.”

As for Chinese-made steel, the builders could not use it even if they wanted to, said Tyszkiewcs, explaining that Federal and State laws already require use of domestic steel on all jobs like this.

“It must not only be rolled here, but made here,” Tyskiewicz said. “And you can’t take American steel to China to be rolled. It has to be domestic-made right down to the nuts and bolts.”

Turning to concerns about so many operations being done simultaneously, Fioretti conceded the project’s planners were not originally expecting to do so much at one time but added “you can blame the economy for this, too. Originally we were only going to do the Congress Park, but all the money came at once in Federal stimulus grants.”
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