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Естественно, в Иллиное запрещают электрические сигареты

Чикагоист -- Аn Illinois General Assembly Bill that recently passed in the Senate would outlaw the sale of any such device in the state. Sponsoring legislators reasoning behind the bill is that E-Cigarettes have not been approved by the Federal (так в тексте) Drug Administration as a cessation product or tobacco product.
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идиоты! это же лучшая реклама, теперь весь молодняк их закупит, а они - вечны
sorry, you've triggered a terrible tirade
Go away, FDA! Make some noise, Illinois! First cloves (and all flavours except menthol) next flavoured alchoholic beverages (since H.R. 1256 set the precedent for flavour-baded regulation, woot!). And of course, delivery is their business too? Can I drink and smoke by ass if I damn well please or is that also the FDA's jurisdiction. Not a free country . . . and our little Tea Party friends should wake up and smell the coffee rather and start protesting for the right reasons!!!