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Американское, гомерическое

Поступило предложение ввести в чикагских школах расписание на восемь уроков в день. Развернулась общественная дискуссия.

Мнение 1: "I have no problem with it, because you can never have too much education," said Antoinette Johnson, a parent of two kids at Penn Elementary in North Lawndale. "It would benefit most of these kids."

Мнение 2: "To put an uncertified person in front of students should not be called education, that is called baby-sitting," Chicago Teachers Union President Marilyn Stewart charged. Her opponent in the union's upcoming runoff election agreed. "What struggling elementary students need is . . . arts, music," Karen Lewis said. "Placing them in front of a computer without certified, caring professional teachers is like turning the TV on."

(,CST-NWS-skulday03.article )
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