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О Нью-Йоркских налогах

NY POST -- Even as New York lawmakers geared up to slam out-of-state hedge-fund managers with $50 million in new taxes, Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell was rolling out the welcome mat for the super-rich executives.
"I would like to convey a very simple, yet heartfelt, message: Connecticut welcomes you!" the Republican executive declared in a letter to the New York Hedge Fund Roundtable.
"I can assure you Connecticut has been pursuing and will continue to pursue a much more enlightened approach to job creation and retention and economic development," Rell continued.
She promised to "do anything possible" to help fund managers find prime office space and "great homes and good schools" for their families.

"I think it's the best thing that ever happened to Connecticut," Mayor Bloomberg said. "I can't imagine why every hedge fund wouldn't pick up tomorrow and move. The first common-sense rule of taxation is, don't tax people that can leave."

RMS -- I have a proposal for how to solve this problem. I think the states should increase their bargaining power against companies by forming a union. We could call it the "United States of America."
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