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Очередной американский приговор -- 30 лет лагерей за картинки в компьютере -- этим уже давно никого не удивишь, а научная новизна вот: The ex-bus driver also had a collection of hundreds of photographs of young children playing -- pictures that apparently had been shot from within his home without the children's knowledge, prosecutor Angel Krull said. Other photos found in his home were of children who had ridden on the school buses he drove, Krull said.
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Я так понял что ему 30 лет условно дали? The sentence imposed by U.S. District Court Judge Charles Kocoras means Meschino will remain on supervised release for life.
В других заметках говорится "also":
Under the sentence imposed Thursday by U.S. District Judge Charles Kocoras, defendant Mario Meschino also will remain on supervised release for the rest of his life.