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NYT -- Every past administrator of the 37-year-old Drug Enforcement Administration is calling on the Justice Department to sue California if its voters decide to legalize marijuana in November.

Peter Bensinger, who ran the D.E.A. from January 1976 to July 1981, said legalizing the recreational use of pot, even in one state, would be a “disaster,” leading to increased addiction, traffic accidents and trouble in the workplace.

Что-то давно не обсуждали, не правильнее ли было устроить суд над КПСС, люстрацию чекистов и проч.

MR. PETER B. BENSINGER is President and Chief Executive Officer of Bensinger, DuPont & Associates (BDA), a privately owned professional services company that provides a wide range of consultation, training and employee assistance program services promoting a Drug-Free Workplace and employee health and safety as well as intervention and treatment for compulsive gambling. BDA also provides comprehensive risk management surveillance programs for prescription drugs.

На юзерпики никому не надо?
американская рожа

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