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There is no evidence that ecstasy causes brain damage, according to one of the largest studies into the effects of the drug.

Some previous research has studied users who were taken from a culture dominated by all-night dancing, which thus exposed these individuals to sleep and fluid deprivation – factors that are themselves known to produce long-lasting cognitive effects. Non-users were not selected from those from a similar background, which therefore skewed results. In addition, past studies have not taken sufficient account of the fact that ecstasy users take other drugs or alcohol that could affect cognition or that they may have suffered intellectual impairment before they started taking ecstasy.
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Я так и знал! Эти статистики, похоже, сами используют ecstasy, other drugs and alcohol, недосыпают и обезвоживаются во время работы, что выдают что поппало и потом сами же себя опровергают.
ну все... статистики потихоньку начинают подозревать что correlation does not imply causation