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Обожаю! Обожаю! Американская социализация.

Пишет прелестная незнакомка. Жалко, фотография не приложена.
Dear Parents,

I am so happy to see that your child will be joining our class this fall! My visit to your home before school begins is a great way to start a fantastic year. I have put together a plan for the home visits that I hope will work for you. This visit is an opportunity to start to build the rapport that becomes the foundation for learning relationships at school. You can expect me to stay for about 45 minutes, and you need not make any special plans for the time. I appreciate the opportunity to have this one-on-one time with your child very much, as it give me the chance to be with them in their own place before they come into the classroom.
Please be sure to write to my school email to confirm that you have received this schedule, and let me know if the time that I have offered will work.

Ах, если бы я вовремя узнал, что можно так себя вести. Вся жизнь бы пошла по-другому!..
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