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Бет Левайн из нарыла статью в университетской газете Дартмуского университета: -- There are a few paradoxes about Dartmouth culture that I have always found deeply troubling, chief among them the cognitive dissonance between the brilliance of my peers and their complete lack of intellectual curiosity. Most of them are ambivalent at best, and at worst antagonistic, to the very concept of posing the hard questions about power, equality and history that we should be examining as undergraduates of a liberal arts college. They seem aware that doing so will not help them land a prestigious 16-hour-a-day job at some faceless hedge fund, where they’ll learn about manipulating capital instead of imagining a freer and more just world.
Подстрекает Бет: If anyone here would like to take a break from manipulating capital to explain yourselves, he’s listening. 146 каментов, это как если бы в ЖЖ было 146000.

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