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Jaap van Zweden conductor
David McGill basson

Rhapsodies for Orchestra (это я не до конца понял, скажем так)

Bassoon Concerto B-flat Major, K.191
Andante ma adagio
Rondo: Tempо di menuetto
Это на что собственно пошли: единственный сохранившийся фаготный концерт Моцарта (из, возможно, пяти).

Symphony No. 1 in D Major

Не знал эту симфонию!!! Вот какая волшебная третья часть (между прочим, редкая запись -- Лос-Анжелосский оркестр, но с нашим Дюфуром на флейте, так что как раз похоже, как было сегодня):

Первый раз в жизни услышал, очень взяло за душу. Объясняет программка: The third movement used to upset audiences, and even today it is puzzling to those hearing it for the first time. What are we to make of this odd assortment: a sad and distorted version of "Frère Jacques" (Mahler knew it as "Bruder Martin"); a lumbering funeral march; some cheap dance-band music remembered by pairs of oboes and trumpets over the beat of the bass drum; and the ethereal closing pages of the Wayfarer songs - heaven and earth all rolled into one? No wonder people didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Mahler's only clue is "The Hunter's Funeral Procession" - a woodcut made earlier in the century by Moritz von Schwind, a friend of Schubert - which he claimed was the inspiration for this music.

About the vulgar band music Mahler leaves no doubt: "With parody" he writes at the top of the page, jast as the drum and cymbal join in.

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