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Этак мы коммунизм не скоро построим

Хорошая новость: существует один штат США, где можно выращивать грибы. Growing hallucinogenic mushrooms isn’t prohibited by a New Mexico law against manufacturing an illegal drug.

Плохая новость: погуглил, как обстоит у нас. Мembers of the Fredericton Police Force were called to 120 Dunns Crossing Rd. on Nov. 7 2009. They were alerted because the building's maintenance supervisor had responded to some water damage at that location and had entered one of the apartments when no one was home. He thought was he saw was unusual and was unsure whether what he saw was dangerous. Ну, тут можно сказать, что промышленный масштаб, человек признал, что продавал, то-сё.

Погуглил ещё - кристаллический случай. During the March 13 2007 raid at 405 Sylvan Ave., police said they found -- in addition to $200 cash -- a boxed Magic Master Mushroom grow kit, a Magic Tek instructional videotape and two syringes containing purported hallucinogenic mushroom spores. They also reported finding 4.8 grams of purported hallucinogenic mushrooms and 2.5 grams of purported marijuana. The $220 now is in the control of State Police District 17 in La Salle. On Tuesday, prosecutors filed court papers to keep the cash, saying it was used to violate drug laws. If they succeed in keeping the money, it would be distributed to several law enforcement agencies per a formula.

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