Однако и цены!
Not for human consumption, а для чего тогда?
Тут у нас мухоморов этих заросли, можно неплохой бизнес организовать!
Там ещё маковые зёрна продаются. Причём по $10 = 1000 штук, типа, кулинарные традиции =) Но с оговоркой, что, покупая, ты обязуешься не сажать! :)
как свидетель помню продажу маковых зерен на вес. мама покупала для всяких там пирогов. были времена.
гмм...у нас тут сухой мак так и продается, на вес, как крупа. А что, где-то запрещен?
не знаю.
но как свидетель могу сказать, что это воспоминания детства. лет до 10-ти, где-то.
А ещё - там есть вот такой пассаж, понятно, с какой целью написанный :)

Our Ethical Standards

Due to our stringent ethics we don't get a whole lot of orders, but we'd much rather get just 3 orders a day and yet be operating at the highest level of ethical and legal propriety. We offer no materials that contain any scheduled chemicals whatsoever, in any quantity. In addition we uphold high ethical standards of marketing, never once in our history enticing the potential customer with lurid descriptions of botanicals, never marketing through "affiliate" websites that reportedly push the botanicals in unapproved ways. We have and never will sell our ethnobotanicals with the cheapening description "legal herbs." We have never and will never sell "legal herbs" (of course all our products are legal so why would we CALL them "legal herbs?" That would be like a filling station marketing their product as "legal gasoline." It goes without saying.) We have never and will never sell "smoking blends," or "legal smokes," or "legal buds," we are not even familiar with what these are, although we are told they generally contain synthetic substances and we have never sold anything synthetic, nor would we ever sell anything intended for smoking. Also, we have never, and will never sell any of our products to "head shops," nor for sale IN "head shops," nor to any seller who attempts to market them in an unapproved manner for consumption. In addition, in contrast to ordering from some other sellers who came along after us selling inferior forms of some products similar to ours, you can order at Ethnobotanicals.com free of the stigma that you are somehow going to be abusing these botanicals. Because you aren't. And because we don't offer them to you for that in the first place. You will get a better deal and far higher quality here as well. We offer no items taken unethically from the wild. We offer products that are wildcrafted (harvested from wild-growing plants) according to exacting ethical and environmental guidelines (such as our exclusive ancient kratoms), or items that are carefully cultivated.
Ну, да. Строгие этические и экологические принципы. Хе-хе...
Это же Америка. На плохом "not for human consumption" никогда не напишут.