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Пропал калабуховский дом

Chicago Tribune: No sooner had a weeklong strike by Chicago public school teachers been settled than a walkout by musicians of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra over the weekend again focused national attention on labor matters in the city.
The strike resulted in the cancellation of a concert under Riccardo Muti's direction Saturday night at Symphony Center and threatened several more scheduled concerts this week, along with a scheduled tour to New York and Mexico in early October.
There was no picket line Sunday outside Symphony Center, as there was the previous evening -- вот на это я хотел бы посмотреть! Матье Дюфур с Евгением Изотовым маршировали с плакатами вокруг надувной крысы, а, если бы они попытались что-то сыграть, то Роберт Чен распорядился бы сломать им пальцы?
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