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Рецензия на вторничный концерт Eschewing his usual English horn for an oboe d’amore, Hostetler offered that rarest of things, a belated Bach CSO premiere with the Oboe d’amore Concerto in A major, BWV 1055. The music is better known in Bach’s later version for harpsichord with the original, like so many Bach scores, long lost.

The notes don’t provide information about the arranger or the provenance of this reconstructed version but Hostetler’s wholly captivating performance made an eloquent and convincing case for its legitimacy. The oboe d’amore has a more mellow, rounded and less penetrating tone than the standard oboe. Hosteteler assayed this music with the seamless fluency and easy articulation familiar to CSO audiences from his peerless English horn playing.

In the Larghetto, the soloist’s relaxed phrasing and inevitable-sounding rubato was magical, with extraordinary breath control in the long phrases. He also pointed the gentle charm of the final movement most winningly. Conducting from the harpsichord, Bicket and the CSO’s strings provided trim and stylish support.

Интересно, это содержательный музыковедческий текст или сгенерированный набор слов? Я настолько не в теме, что не могу отличить.

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