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ADE 651

CNN -- James McCormick, 57, marketed his ADE 651 units to government agencies and private companies around the world, including in Iraq, with sales exceeding $50 million by his own admission. British police say the device -- the ADE standing for "Advanced Detection Equipment" -- is really a novelty golf-ball finder with the label removed.
"The jury found that you knew the devices did not work, yet the soldiers in Iraq and elsewhere believed in them, in part due to your powers of salesmanship and in part the extravagant and fraudulent claims made in your promotional material.
Приговор стандартный - десять лет лагерей.
В статье как-то мельком упоминается, что детекторы гольфовых шаров тоже не работают, но при этом их продажа гольферам остается легальной?
"Your profits were obscene, funding grand houses, a greedy and extravagant lifestyle and even a yacht." - особо отметил судья.
Tags: преступление

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