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Новости профсоюзного движения

Закончилась десятилетняя забастовка сотрудников гостиницы Конгресс Плаза. Они в одностороннем порядке решили вернуться на работу.
The next step is still in question. Many of the 130 workers that originally went on strike have found new jobs or crossed the picket line and returned to work at Congress Plaza. If any strikers choose to come back to Congress as part of the "unconditional" return, terms call for them to be paid the same as they did more than a decade ago. Tamarin said when the strike started, the standard wage for room attendants was $8.83 per hour -- a wage contract workers still make. The city wide standard for room attendants is now $16.40 an hour, he said.

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