November 21st, 2003

Mr. Twister

(no subject)

Шестой урок никак не кончался.

"...we will increase our presence in the cyberspace, -- бубнил у пыльной доски докладчик, -- by transforming our brick-and-mortar offices into a virtual, global, click-and-mortar office..."

"Hey Ken, -- услышав малознакомое слово, зашептал соседу сидящий за задней партой Иван Иванович, -- what's mortar? I thought it was a cannon of some sort?"

"Hey, you are right! -- моментально проснувшись, затрясся в смехе Кен, -- I've never thought of that! But that's a different mortar. The stuff you put in between bricks when building a wall that keeps them together. You know - sand, cement, all that shit."

Через неплотно закрытые желтые занавески пробивался солнечный луч.

"Oh, that's mortar too, -- разочарованно протянул Иван Иванович, -- and I was thinking about projectile-versus-armor idiom... like our brick offices are so strong they can withstand mortar fire... yet our mortars are so powerful they can destroy any competitor's office.."

"Man, stop, that's just too intense," -- вытирал слезы Кен.

До конца урока оставалось больше десяти минут.