March 6th, 2005

Mr. Twister

О борьбе с сегрегацией

Three shot, four beaten at party
By Vivian Malli
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Police officers and medics attending the crime scene questioned the victims' judgment for visiting the notorious location. One victim complained, "I don't feel that I shouldn't go there just because I'm white. When they put me in the ambulance, [the medic] asked me, 'What the hell were you doing there?' Well, why don't I belong there?"
Police scolded one of the wounded men. "[The officers] said, 'You should stay where you guys are from.' We're white, and they know that we're from white neighborhoods. But what they're saying is basically like segregation.
"If a black person got shot by one of us, [the police] wouldn't say that they shouldn't have been in the neighborhood," said the victim.
Within a week of the shooting, all wounded victims were released from the hospital. "I got a brace, and I'm on crutches. I'm just happy that I'm alive," said a recovering victim.
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