September 27th, 2005

Mr. Twister

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While he raved on and on, I nodded at appropriate times and thought about women—like who I should take where to drink what on my next day off, including where we would eat and the hotel we'd use. I must have an inborn liking for such things. Just as there are those who like to make plastic models and draw train diagrams, I like to get drunk with women and sleep with them. It was a matter of Destiny, something that surpassed all human understanding.
As he sliced his tenderloin, Noboru Watanabe asked me, ``Why did you take a job with an appliance manufacturer? I gather you're not particularly interested in electrical devices.''
    My sister answered for me. ``He's not particularly interested in anything that's of benefit to society. He would have taken a job anywhere. It just so happened he had an in with that particular company.''

Haruki Murakami, Family Affair
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