November 2nd, 2005

Mr. Twister

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Героическому депутату чикагского горсовета Эдварду Бёрки удалось отложить голосование о запрещении о фуа гра. Но за всем, конечно, не уследишь. На одно отложенное поражение приходится три состоявшихся.
Тhe council
- аpproved a measure that will allow the use of photo radar to nab speeders on city streets;
- аpproved landmark status for Marshall Field's State Street store in a move that will protect the building's famed clocks and the plaques bearing the Field's name, though Macy's is taking over the property.
- аpproved a slum nuisance ordinance that will allow city hearing officers to declare forfeitures of dilapidated buildings, despite opposition by some aldermen who contended the measure denies property owners due process.
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