November 25th, 2005

Mr. Twister

Полански, Chinatown (1974).

Роман Полански, Chinatown (1974). Не понравилось. Вот если кто Хичкока любит, или Следствие ведут знатоки -- могу порекомендовать.
Кстати, на IMDB в разделе goofs (anachronisms) указано: Among the items in Ida Session's pocketbook, which Gittes rummages through is a social security card which is 1970s style with blue and red ink, not the 1937 style which had only one color, and a different look. Это довольно смешно, потому что современная карточка выглядит именно как из 1937 года -- вся такая картонная, корявая, с завитушками -- а оказывается, новодел.
Mr. Twister

Вестсайдская история

Three women and a man were shot at 12:38 a.m. in the lobby of 1440 W. 13th St. The wounds sustained did not appear to be serious, and were mostly graze wounds to the leg and buttocks. The lieutenant, who declined to be named, said a shooting had occurred at the same location Wednesday, so police were going to "find out what's going on" in the area.

Что это за адрес, 1440 W. 13th? Смотрим в Гугле -- а это, оказывается, ABLA Homes, конкретно Абботт (ABLA означает Addams, Brooks, Loomis и Аbbott). The Abbott Homes were named after Grace Abbott, a social worker and crusader for child labor laws who worked with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jane Addams.
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