December 28th, 2005

Mr. Twister

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А тем временем в интеллектуальной столице: twenty-two-year-old Nikhil Dhar of Lowell was reportedly upset over a failing grade when he allegedly stabbed Mary Elizabeth Hooker last Thursday at her home in Cambridge. Hooker is an assistant professor of clinical lab sciences at U-Mass Lowell.
А я-то думал, что имя Нихил Джампа Лахири придумала Гоголу в честь тургеневских нигилистов.
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Mr. Twister


В административной столице тоже не спят:

- "Your nephew, under our law, is considered unrelated," - Inspector Purchase said, then delivered the verdict: Two people had to go.

That is because a zoning ordinance adopted this month by the city of Manassas redefines family, essentially restricting households to immediate relatives, even when the total is below the occupancy limit.
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