January 3rd, 2008

Mr. Twister

Удивительное рядом

AP -- "Researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine are performing clinical trials of a vaccine that teaches the immune system to attack cocaine, preventing it from giving a high. The vaccine is made by attaching inactivated cocaine molecules to the outside of inactivated cholera proteins. When the immune system attacks the cholera proteins, it also 'learns' the cocaine molecules as well. The result is that the immune system 'recognizes the potent naked drug when it's ingested. The antibodies bind to the cocaine and prevent it from reaching the brain, where it normally would generate the highs that are so addictive.'"

Сейчас без вакцинирования этой вакциной перестанут принимать в школы, я думаю.
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Mr. Twister

Найдется все

Smoke-free cafe in an unregulated European city: highly welcomed and economically successful.

Objective: In a unique setting with two identical cafes, which only differed in their smoking ordinances, this study assessed the influence of smoking policies on the choice of the cafe, investigated regulatory preferences among customers, and evaluated the claim that smoking cafes have better sales performance in a city without smoking bans.

Results: [...] Whereas sales showed no differences, tips were 22% (p < 0.001) higher in the non-smoking cafe.
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