February 12th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Процесс пошел

А вот это не про ту школу, что рядом с моим домом, а про какую-то другую, тоже в Чикаго:
Chicago Sun - Times -- Scores of parents packed a sweaty gym at Edison last week to debate a Chicago Public Schools plan to move Edison's gifted students to another building, seven miles away, and hand over the Edison building to the neighborhood.

Local parents, frustrated by large class sizes and mobile classrooms, can't wait to gain access to the Edison building at 6220 N. Olcott, seated at the edge of a park on a leafy residential street.

"We need to do what is in the interest of most children, not just the smartest,'' Ebinger parent Maureen Neylon said. Вот чёрт, они сообразили! Теперь всё пропало!!!

Если бы в Ленинграде была демократия, тридцатaя школа тоже бы недолго протянула.
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