February 13th, 2008

Mr. Twister


CHICAGO TRIBUNE -- When parents ask why we've done this (отменили дискотеку), I tell them I couldn't even have shown them what these kids were doing on videotape -- it's almost illegal," said Zobel, 34. "We're talking about groups of 20 kids or so rubbing up against each other."

It might be tempting to label today's parents hypocrites for not following the hard-earned lessons of their own teenage rebellions, said Zobel, a parent of a 4th grader. But that's being simplistic, she said.

"I was shocked and disgusted by some of what I heard was going on," said Anne Hammond, mother of a 7th grader at Hickory Creek, whose students made up the largest number of dancegoers. "I feel like 6th and 7th grade is too young to even have dances like that."

"Each dance was a different story," Randall said. "But often you saw the same types of problems come up with vulgar dancing" and kids showing too much skin.

Zobel said some problems probably would not have surfaced if more parents volunteered to chaperon the dances. But she said even parents who lent their time stopped because their sons and daughters threatened to stop coming.

Мне еще интересно, дети этих мыслительниц (очевидно, дочери), сегодня пришли в школу? И что им там сказали?
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Mr. Twister


Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Jerome Kerviel's unauthorized trading at Societe Generale SA ruined the chances of French bank clerks getting promoted to the trading floor, headhunters say.

``The middle office won't be a springboard to become a trader anymore,'' said Gael de Roquefeuil, an adviser for financial industry headhunting at Korn/Ferry International in Paris. ``Career bridges were already difficult and at least for the short term they are completely over.''

French traders are typically recruited from the elite ``Grandes Ecoles,'' such as the HEC School of Business on the outskirts of Paris, not the University of Lyon II, where Kerviel earned a Masters degree in banking support, the recruiters said.
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