February 21st, 2008

Mr. Twister

Так победим

BOSTON -- An officer viewed surveillance video provided by the bookstore and said the suspect resembled an individual he investigated for making obscene phone calls to a Connecticut Child Protective Services hotline in 2006.
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Mr. Twister

Пытаюсь понять

Пишет Илья Шапиро:
A motley crew of plaintiffs – who also included the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), journalist Christopher Hitchens, various lawyers, and others – cannot demonstrate that they have been harmed in any but a generalized, speculative way by the TSP. They simply have no idea whether their international communications had been monitored.

While the plaintiffs previously argued that they were denied the opportunity even to find out about possible violations of their civil liberties because the relevant evidence is classified, the lower court correctly ruled that the government’s “state secrets privilege” prevented the dissemination of this information that, if disclosed, could compromise national security.
Much like disputes over high tax rates, immigration enforcement, earmarks, and a host of other issues now being debated by the presidential candidates, the TSP presents a classical political (not legal) question. The plaintiffs were not more affected by the policy than other Americans, so their recourse, as ACLU legal director Steven Shapiro (no relation to me) correctly noted, is to petition Congress (and the executive).
Похоже, корень проблемы в том, что подслушивание само по себе не преступление. Проникнуть на телефонную станцию - преступление, подключить жучок к чужим проводам - преступление, а просто так стоять в общественном месте и слушать, либо улавливать радиоволны неизвестным способом - нет. Вот владельцы телефонных компаний могли бы подать в суд, если бы схватили агентов с поличным на своих объектах. А в данном случае как будто вообще ничего не произошло, не о чем судиться.

При чем тут "the plaintiffs were not more affected by the policy than other Americans," впрочем, до сих пор не понимаю.
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Mr. Twister

Борьба с прогулами

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. - Relatives of a 15-year-old south suburban boy found slain in a back yard Sunday night said he had been picked on and threatened by other students at Bloom Township High School (http://www.bloomhs.org/). Tristan Marcel Leshug Hill, of the 1600 block of Hanover Street in Chicago Heights, was so scared that he missed a lot of school in recent weeks and avoided riding the school bus, relatives said Wednesday.

Ну и чтобы два раза не вставать: A Cook County assistant state's attorney has been charged with drug possession after he was arrested on Chicago's West Side with what police believe were packets of heroin.
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Mr. Twister

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Когда я вырасту, я устроюсь на некоторое время подмастерьем в пиццерию, чтобы научиться месить тесто подбрасыванием.
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