February 24th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Это CPS. Это классовая война

WP -- Julianna Caplan was changing the diaper on one of her twins, she heard a dull thud. She turned around to see her other 8-month-old trying to push herself up from the floor, where she'd been playing, and knock her head.

After she began throwing up and drifting off to sleep, her parents grew concerned, called the doctor and ended up at Children's Hospital. The baby recovered fully within 24 hours.

With lights flashing and four police officers on hand, social workers arrived at the Caplan house at midnight on the night after the baby entered the hospital. They took the infant's uninjured sister out of her father's embrace and put her in foster care in Prince George's County. It was the first night she had ever spent away from her parents and her sister. It would not be the last.

She was forced to spend nearly two weeks at the foster care facility in Hyattsville. The injured sister, after her recovery, was kept in the hospital awaiting test results. Afterward, she was in foster care for five days. Both sisters were then reunited at home under their grandmothers' care, but on condition that the Caplans move out of their own house.

They wiped out their savings and borrowed from relatives to raise $75,000 for legal help.

"This family is privileged and able to marshal significant resources to accomplish its goals and fight the allegations," CFSA head Sharlynn Bobo wrote to her staff in September. "I believe that we made the right decision" to take the girls away from their parents.

What to Do if CPS Agents Are Investigating You
Mr. Twister

Владимир Вайншток, Остров Сокровищ (1937)

Владимир Вайншток, Остров Сокровищ (1937) ([1])
Экспериментальная интерпретация! Герои фильма - ирландские сецессионисты. Сокровища капитана Флинта нужны им для закупки оружия! Вместо юнги Джима на корабль попадает переодетая женщина, Капитолина (по другим источникам Клавдия) Пугачева! Да! Это гендерная политическая корректность.

Композитор - Никита Богословский, слова Василия Лебедева-Кумача.

Mr. Twister

Ищу роман

Требуется роман про американского паренька, насмотревшегося в детстве на американскую первую мировую войну, сухой закон, конфискацию золота, охрану труда, все хорошо понявшего, и отправившегося пока что в Советский Союз налаживать, например, танкостроительное производство (на том основании, что Новый Курс и в Африке Новый Курс, советские платили за ту же работу больше других, а вернуться он бы всегда успел). Особенно интересует, как у него за время работы в СССР постепенно притуплялось бы чувство опасности, жадность брала верх над здравым смыслом, и как он пропустил момент забирать деньги и ехать куда-то еще.

Наверняка же сто раз написано.

Нужен новый режим в гугле: поиск книги по краткому изложению сюжета.
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