February 28th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Сообщение из Турции

Reuters "It should be clear that military action alone will not end this terrorist threat," Gates added, saying Ankara must also take political and economic steps to isolate the PKK guerrillas and help support Turkey's large ethnic Kurdish minority.

Washington fears that a prolonged Turkish operation will undermine stability in the region, particularly Iraq.

The head of Turkey's military General Staff, General Yasar Buyukanit, was quoted by CNN Turk as saying: "A short time is a relative concept, it could be one day or one year."
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Mr. Twister

Телеграммы продолжают поступать

NYT -- The pilot program, at three Brooklyn middle schools and four charter schools, is part of an effort by Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein to motivate students to perform better academically — and reward them when they do.

Each student is receiving a Samsung flip-phone in a package specially designed with the program’s logo. The phones come loaded with 130 prepaid minutes. Good behavior, attendance, homework and test scores will be rewarded with additional minutes. Teachers and administrators will also be able to use a system to send text messages to several students at a time, to remind them, say, of upcoming tests and other school information.

Some critics say it is absurd for school officials to reward students with a device that is banned from the public schools.
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