March 12th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Либертарианские новости

Chicago Tribune- -- Upset over the 1 percentage-point increase in the county sales tax approved Feb. 29, Palatine village council members this month invited Stroger to "explain himself" in person and asked village staff to investigate ways to sever ties with Cook County.

Officials in Palatine and other communities along Cook County's borders fear a loss of sales-tax revenues as shoppers head for neighboring counties, where the taxes are lower.

At a meeting Monday, Village Council members were offered two options for severing ties with Cook County: forming a new county or attempting to hook up with neighboring Lake County.

Once the boundaries of a proposed new county -- or the secessionist communities -- were determined, 51 percent of the voters in the area that wanted to leave would have to sign a petition to put the issue on the ballot. The move then would have to be approved by a majority of voters in Cook County, said Village Manager Reid Ottesen. If the disgruntled residents wanted to join Lake County, that would have to be approved by a majority of voters in both counties.

"We have heard from surrounding areas that this is something they might be interested in, so we are going to continue to research it," Ottesen said.

Mullins said that of the 120 municipalities in Cook County, it is "not out of the question that 100 of them would want to leave."
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Mr. Twister


Кто-нибудь понимает, почему спамеры оставляют комментарии к очень старым постам, и никогда - к верхним?
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