March 20th, 2008

Mr. Twister


Моя жена варит компот для настоящих мужчин: без сахара. Вообще. А как детям нравится! Иди, кричат, иди, мама компот сварила, вкусный, попробуй! Я попробовал - ух!! Такой компот, наверное, пьют йоги на высочайших вершинах Гималаев.

Когда-нибудь они попробуют советский компот, и нам придется держать ответ...
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Mr. Twister


CANBERRA (Reuters) - Controversial British author Sebastian Horsley was denied entrance into the United States as he arrived to promote his memoir of drug addiction, sex and his dysfunctional family, his publisher said on Wednesday.

The New York Times quoted a customs spokeswoman, Lucille Cirillo, as saying she could not comment on individual cases.

But in an e-mail to the newspaper she explained that under a waiver program that allows British citizens to enter the United States without a visa, "travelers who have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude (which includes controlled-substance violations) or admit to previously having a drug addiction are not admissible."
Mr. Twister

Black Guy Asks Nation for Change

Reports indicate that the black man has been riding from city to city across the country, asking for change wherever he goes. Citizens in Austin, TX said they spotted the same guy standing on the street Friday, shouting far-fetched ideas about global warming. Cleveland residents also reported seeing him in a local park, wildly gesticulating and quoting from the Bible. And last week, patrons at the Starlight Diner in Cheyenne, WY claimed that the black man accosted them while they were eating, repeatedly requesting change.
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