March 26th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Школьные ваучеры во Флориде: учителя показывают зубы

Cato@liberty - According to a report by Tallahassee’s News Channel 7, the Florida Education Association may sue to shut down that state’s scholarship tax credit program. Under this program, businesses can donate to non-profit scholarship funds that subsidize tuition for low-income kids at the private schools of their families’ choosing. In return, the businesses can claim dollar for dollar tax credits up to a certain limit.
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Mr. Twister


Обыденное: одна заправка по ошибке целый час продавала бензин по 2.50 за галлон вместо 3.50. Куча народа заправилась.
Странное: никого из них не посадили в тюрьму.
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Mr. Twister


Blizzard -- хозяева известной игры WoW -- подали в суд на автора бота (программы, играющей автоматически) за нарушение копирайта. На слэшдоте пытаются понять, при чем тут копирайт. Гениальное:
- They are claiming that the tool makes a copy of the game and stores it to ram to avoid their anti-cheating checks. Interesting to see if it is illegal to make a temporary copy (for your own personal use) of a program you legally purchased.
- How on earth do you load the program into memory (and once again into CPU cache) to run it if you can't???
- You have a right to copy the program into RAM in order to run it, if that copy is going to be used for a purpose that complies with the EULA. However, here the programmer is using the program in a way that doesn't comply with the EULA. Therefore, he is not only violating the EULA, but also their copyright, because he is making a copy for an unauthorized purpose.
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