April 10th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Социализация. Обожаю.

Baltimore -- Berry, an art teacher, said she told a student to sit down and behave just before the attack occurred.

"I looked over, and her friends were cheering her on," Berry said. "And before I knew it, she hit me in the face."

Other teachers helped break up the fight.

Marietta English, president of the Baltimore teachers union, said she was appalled by the video, but said it outlines what she has been saying since the school year began -- that certain city schools are not safe.

"You've got these kids who are laughing, and nothing's going to happen. All have phones. Everybody sees what's going on," English said.

Berry said she was shocked by the response she received from the school's principal after her attack. "On one hand, she told me that she is sorry that his happened to me," Berry said. "But then she turned right around and told me that telling a student that I was going to defend myself was a trigger word. I triggered them."

English said students aren't being held responsible.

"This student attacked this teacher for no reason, (and she's) probably back in school. And that has been our problem," she said.

Berry said she is afraid to go back to school -- and the video shows why.
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Mr. Twister

Это вопрос

Обнаружил на экране огромную разноцветную надпись.

Такие задачи про гусениц обычно решает моя дочь. В данном случае оказалось, рекламный баннер Блумберга; имеется в виду известный производитель тракторов.
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Mr. Twister

Контрабанда сигарет - такая же древняя профессия, как проституция

“What you see displayed here has been going on forever,” Charles J. Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney, told reporters at a news conference at his office on Wednesday as he stood before a table set with seized contraband: sheets of thumbnail-size stamps with state insignias, green-on-pink for New Jersey, orange-on-pink for New York; convincing-looking cartons of Chinese Marlboros; and $150,000 in cash. “It’s like prostitution is the oldest profession. I’ve been in and out of untaxed cigarettes and smuggled cigarettes since I was chief of the rackets bureau before you were born.”

американская рожа
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