April 14th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Selective Disclosure

April 14 (Kevin Hassett, Bloomberg) -- Suppose you caught wind that a preposterous story was spreading around town that you are a drug user. What would you do?

Your first thought might be to take out an advertisement in the newspaper announcing that you are clean. The downside of that approach is you would broadcast the false rumor to everyone and presumably raise as many suspicions as you quell.

A preferable alternative would be to call up a few influential people and show them drug tests proving your innocence, then trust that they would quietly spread the word.

Now imagine you live in a world where the government has made it illegal to defend yourself in private conversations. You're allowed to take out an advertisement yet not to make phone calls. In that world, presumably, many more false rumors would have a life of their own, since the law has made it so costly and difficult to defend yourself.

What does this little thought experiment have to do with current events? Everything.

Но вот смотрите: даже в исключительно осмысленном тексте не получается обойтись без войны с наркотиками. Почему, например, не написал в первой строчке "распространяется слух, что вы гомосексуалист", а?
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Mr. Twister

Холодный расчет и человеческая теплота

В новостях заголовок: Obama hits back with sarcasm (какая-то пурга, можно не читать). Мне напомнило: у нас учительница (безнадежно красивая) написала на доске многочлен, который никто не мог разложить на множители. Выждала паузу, все равно никто ничего придумать не может. Тогда, с точеным неподвижным лицом, глядя прямо перед собой, ледяным голосом проинтонировала:
Применим хитрость. Вычтем и добавим 4x2/3.
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Mr. Twister

Допустимо ли учитывать в суде те или иные сведения

Например, возраст подсудимого - не всегда: The jury took less than a day to find Pittman guilty. Because he had been transferred from juvenile to adult court, the judge was not allowed to take his age into account at sentencing (12 лет). Pittman received the shortest possible term for murder, 30 years without parole.
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