May 9th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Вот оно, Маловероятное Событие

CHICAGO - "I'm just outraged," the girl's mother, who did not want to be identified, said. "First of all, how could this happen in school? I send my daughter to school, she's supposed to be safe."

Действительно, действительно. В школе?! Из всех возможных мест?! Очень, очень странно.
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Mr. Twister

Это Барак Обама. Это ветер перемен.

May 9 (Bloomberg) -- Barack Obama said as president he would work to ensure Israel's security and protect its relationship with the U.S.

``I pledge to you that I will do whatever I can in whatever capacity to not only ensure Israel's security but also to ensure that the people of Israel may thrive and prosper and build on the enormous promise that was made 60 years ago,'' the Democratic presidential contender said at an event last night sponsored by the Israeli Embassy in Washington honoring the 60th anniversary of Israel's statehood.
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Mr. Twister

История с сюрпризом

WESTPORT, Mass.: State trooper accused of inappropriate behavior.

Costa told 7News that the pat-down made her extremely uncomfortable.

"It was inappropriate. I mean it was a full pat-down search of her entire body for a lane change violation," Brian Cunha, attorney, said.

That was not the first time Powell was accused of inappropriate behavior. Last March, the officer has reportedly strip searched a girl because of an inoperable headlight.

"The trooper pulls her over for a headlight that's out, and then begins questioning the four teenagers and then makes the decision to conduct a strip search of an 18-year-old girl on the side of the road, in the presence of her friends, other police officers and passing motorists," Cunha said.

Сообразили, к чему идет дело? Collapse )
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