May 20th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Передовица в Вашингтонском Посте

Creationism's Latest Mutation.

Bills that would protect teachers critical of the findings of Charles Darwin appeared in five states this year, and legislators in others are said to be considering similar moves. Florida came perilously close to inviting creationism back into the classroom, but its legislative session ended before different versions of its bill could be reconciled. Supporters say they will be back. It's all part of a national movement emboldened by a new film from writer and actor Ben Stein that purports to speak out for free expression by educators.[...] What's insidious about these measures is that at first blush they appear so harmless.

О как! Perilously close. Not at all harmless. Ишь, задергались. Этак им, глядишь, и школы разонравятся: того и гляди никчемные людишки освободят учителей от угрозы преследования, и правда о происхождении видов выйдет наружу. Это очень, очень хорошо.
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Mr. Twister


На детской площадке поджидали карлики-переодетые сотрудники милиции. Останавливать машину и предлагать им конфет не стал.
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Mr. Twister


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Да! О нас заботится не только FDA.
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