May 28th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Печальная новость из Цюриха

UBS has told members of its former private banking team responsible for rich US clients not to travel to America.

The Swiss bank has also made lawyers available to the more than 50 bankers involved, many of whom have left UBS since it decided last November to wind down its cross-border private banking business for US ­customers.

The move follows the recent indictment of one of the unit’s former senior executives, Bradley Birkenfeld, who US authorities have accused of helping a billionaire client evade taxes.
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Mr. Twister


В пропаганде войны с Ираком президент Буш использовал пропагандистские приемы!!!
Военную тайну раскрыл бывший пропагандист президента Буша.
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