June 5th, 2008

Mr. Twister

Это откровенно

June 5 (Bloomberg) -- A legislative provision that would let menthol cigarettes continue to be sold would ``trample the health'' of blacks, seven former U.S. health secretaries said in a letter to Congress.

Предлагаю компромисс: не продавать сигарет неграм.
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Mr. Twister

U.S.A. Today

Breaking news and must-read stories -- A week from today, 17-year-old Arthur Mkoyan will graduate from Bullard High School in Fresno, Calif., with a 4.0 average. He's a valedictorian.

But as the Fresno Bee explains, he might not make it to college. He and his mother are being deported to Armenia, a country he left when he was 2. His family has sought asylum for 16 years and been denied. His father is sitting in a detention center in Arizona.

Это должен быть такой советский анекдот: -Валедикторян? Очень хорошо, поедете в Армению.
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